Ignite Student Ministries is the student ministry at South Bay Church. We’re dedicated to providing a fun and exciting community where students (6th-12th grade) can experience authentic relationships and relevant teaching about Jesus that applies to their lives.


Any students in 6th-12th grade may attend Ignite.


Ignite is designed to help middle and high school students connect in authentic community with peers and consistent adults (Life Groups), and to give them an opportunity to do something significant through serving. This is why Life Groups are central to Ignite.

We also host a monthly One Nite where we bring all students together from all of our South Bay Church campuses for a monthly worship night. This is a great way for new students to come check out Ignite and take the step to join a Life Group and get plugged into serving.

On weekends, we encourage our students to attend the adult service and serve during another service with their family. At South Bay, we call it: “Attend one, serve one.” By attending and serving, it allows a student’s faith to come alive because they can participate in worship and they get to do something significant while they serve.


At South Bay Church, we believe that community is a necessity; doing life alone is not an option. At Ignite, we believe the same. We want to help students get connected into authentic community with other guys or girls their same age/grade so that they can have people to talk with, pray with, and do life with. Each group meets together with their leaders and will do other awesome activities throughout the year. You can get plugged into a Life Group when you come check out Ignite whether you are in Middle School or High School.

Each Life Group has consistent adult leaders who walk through life with the students in their group, and partner with parents to help widen the circle of influence around their teenager. Just think: Where do you want your teenager going for dating advice, help with making wise decisions, and encouragement to fight for the relationship with their parents? All leaders have completed background checks and an application to work with students at Ignite.


We are one church; multiple locations. Throughout the week our students meet in Life Groups and attend our Weekend Worship Experiences at their respective campus. On top of this, each month we have a One Nite.

What is ONE NITE?? you may be asking. It is a monthly gathering on the First Saturday of each month except for Summer Time(June-August) where Middle and High School students from All Campuses come together in the same place at the same time. This is a night you will not want to miss. You will meet awesome leaders who care about you and incredible students your age who come from all across the Bay Area.

One Nite is always fun, there is always free food and you will always walk away having learned something that you can easily apply to your life, while also having the opportunity to get connected into Life Groups.

One Nite is “that thing you do not want to miss out on” – TRUST US!


Wednesdays at 7:00-8:30pm

North San Jose Campus
1180 Murphy Ave, San Jose


Wednesdays at 7:00-8:30pm

Sunnyvale Campus
1145 E. Arques Ave, Sunnyvale


Wednesdays at 7:00-8:30pm

Evergreen Community Center
4860 San Felipe Road, San Jose


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