South Bay Church is filled with people who have a heart to serve others. We have found that the most effective way to mobilize and empower people to make a difference with their gifts and passions is through Life Groups. There are many Outreach Life Groups available to join. Here are just a few…

Project Serve

Join Project Serve for monthly volunteer events ranging from HERS Breast Cancer, City Team Ministries, Life Moves, and St. Joseph’s Church. The group focuses on cultivating relationships while serving the community with a purpose.

YP reLOVEution

We are Young Professionals who go out into the community to do His gracious and compassionate work of LOVE via various projects. Christ came not to be served but TO serve, so with joyous hearts let us follow in His footsteps and love thy neighbor.

City Team Outreach Team:

This team will become a part of the inner workings of South Bay’s partner organization City Team Ministries. This organization is on the front lines of alleviating poverty in the Bay Area. City Team provides war meals for over 400 people a day, provides support for over 1300 families, has provided rehabilitation for thousands of men in the Bay Area. City Team needs volunteers in their kitchen, hands on deck in their food bank, people to help with job training and placement, men to lead in addiction recovery and much more. This group is an opportunity to help change lives in a really big way, and help shape the future of the Bay Area.

Homeless Outreach

The Homeless Outreach group aims to make significant change in the lives of the impoverished, and truly bless those who need God’s love. The group works in a qualitative effort by developing friendships in the homeless community.

The Trash Punx

(Community Litter Cleanup)

Interested in beautifying our community that we live, work and play in? If so, join us monthly on Saturday’s as we pick up trash in troubled areas around the Bay Area.

To learn more, visit The Trash Punx.

City Team – The Disciple Making Movement:

Members of this group will go through a 20 week course where they will be coached on how to become an efficient disciple and maker of disciples for Christ. Members of this group will be challenged to create fellowship around a bible study in order to practice their evangelizing.

“If you want to find a way to experience and share God’s love, and get closer to God, then Life Groups at South Bay are a great way for you to do that. They’ll really change your life.”

Andy Pham 

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