city team

City Team is on the front lines of alleviating homelessness, addiction, and planting home churches in the Bay Area. We are proud to support the work that is changing the lives of many in the Bay Area.

• 650 meals served in San Jose every day

• 500,000 people nationwide are fed each year

• 139,015 nights of shelter are provided each year

• 157,951 hot showers are provided each year

• 5,000 families will receive Thanksgiving dinners this year

• 1,500 food boxes are delivered to families each month

• 2,624 baby items are delivered each year

In addition to financial support, South Bay is proud to volunteer and serve alongside them. There are opportunities within the Outreach Life Groups to participate in serving the poor, the homeless and the recovery programs.

“At the CityTeam Engage experience I was able to see some of the CityTeam San Jose facilities and hear incredible first-hand testimony of lives that were changed from those of hopelessness and addiction. Many of the people I met were well on the path of recovery and on their way to becoming contributing members of society again.”

-Vivian Lai

To learn more, visit City Team.

There are hundreds of children in our community in need of a loving home.

Our Mission is to raise up foster families and support friends until there are more than enough families to meet the need. It is our dream to one day see a waiting list of families rather than a waiting list of children in need of a home.



Fewer than 3% of foster youth will end up earning a college degree.



In 2013, 60% of the child sex trafficking victims recovered, as part of an FBI nationwide raid, were children from foster care.



70% of California prison inmates have spent time in the foster care system.

To learn more, visit Foster the Bay.

freedom house

Freedom House brings hope, restoration, and new life to survivors of human-trafficking in the Bay Area by providing a safe home and long-term aftercare. South Bay Church is proud to help them further their mission.

Survivors served by Freedom House

To learn more, visit Freedom House.

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