Look Behind You!

Written by David Hibiske on May 24, 2012.

When was the last time you stopped and looked behind you? Not to find something you dropped, but to see who is following you. And I’m not talking about a crazy stalker or some weirdo. I’m talking about a group of people you may not even realize are following you – I’m talking about the generation behind you.

You may think, “No one in the next generation is following me,” but the reality is, if you’re older than a single person on the planet, you’re being followed. You may not be followed physically, like kindergartners follow their teacher, rather, the model you set by your life is being followed.

The way you live your life, the actions you take, words you say, the way you worship, your obedience to God, and your love for others are all watched and imitated. The next generation, the children behind you as a teenager, the teenagers behind you as a college student, and the college students behind you as an adult are all looking for someone to show them how to do this thing we call “Life”. They’re watching you to see if this “God thing” is as real in your life as you say it is with your words. Everything you do is being watched and imitated!

This is why Jesus speaks so strongly in Matthew 18:1-14 about how we (adults, parents, even teenagers) are living in front of the children who are following behind us. Jesus calls us to watch how we live our life because we are either pointing those behind us to God or further from Him, and God’s heartbeat is that no child should be lost and apart from Him (Matthew 18:14).

This past Sunday, we as a church got to witness two of our elementary children in BayKids take the step to go public with their faith in Jesus through baptism. These kids were impacted by the adults God has placed around them who model what it means to know and follow Jesus. You, yes you, can make a difference in the life of a child or teenager for Jesus!

Don’t forget to stop and look behind you to see who is watching and following your every step!

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